Board Meeting Information




Kết quả xổ số miền nam thứ haiThe Dayton Board of Education will resume face-to-face Business Meetings. Review Sessions will remain virtual. All attendees will be spaced six feet apart, aisles will be widened, and only 40 people will be permitted to attend. If more than 40 people show up, those arriving last will be asked to watch the meeting online for others’ safety in attendance. Face masks are also required for everyone. Meetings will continue to be streamed live to the district’s social media.

Reporters who wish to cover Board meetings in-person must RSVP no later than 5 p.m. the day of the meeting to be included in the 40-person count. Due to the limited space, only 1 RSVP per media outlet will be permitted. If a reporter does not need RSVP, DPS cannot guarantee entry. Please RSVP to Alex Kincaid at


Dayton Public Schools maintains its board agenda and associated documentation on . Agendas are available for public review no less than 48-hours before the scheduled meeting.

Kết quả xổ số miền nam thứ haiThe board agenda primarily consists of reports from the superintendent and his/her staff and items requiring board approval, e.g., contracts, staff changes/appointments, resolutions, and purchase orders exceeding $50,000. Also, time may be allotted to allow student and staff recognitions and presentations, hearings by pre-selected groups, and public input. The board president presides over the meeting, public hearings, policy discussions, and/or presentations indicated on the agenda.


The public is invited to attend Board meetings, and individuals are given a designated time to express viewpoints during the public hearing portion of the meeting. Those who wish to provide public comment to the Board must complete by 5 p.m. the day of the meeting.

Kết quả xổ số miền nam thứ haiThere will be no paper forms available inside. Submission of this form does not guarantee entry to the meeting if capacity has been reached. Anyone wishing to address the Board of Education during the hearing of the public portion of the Board meeting will comply with the following rules.

  • Complete a request form before the hearing of the public.
  • When called upon, identify yourself and state your reason for addressing the Board.
  • Address the Board as a whole through the President, and not Board members, individually.
  • Materials for distribution to the Board are handed to the Treasurer.
  • Limit remarks to three (3) minutes. The President has the discretion to extend the time. When your time is up, you are to stop speaking.
  • It is inappropriate to address any matter involving pending disputes, grievances under a labor agreement, disciplinary action involving an employee or a student, ongoing labor negotiations, concerns or matters that have already been settled, and/or any matter which, because of its nature, is deemed appropriate to be discussed in executive session.
  • The purpose of the public hearing portion of the meeting is for public members to express viewpoints and public concerns.
  • A copy of these procedures is made available at each Board meeting.
  • At its discretion, the board strives to respond promptly to viewpoints presented during the hearing of the public.

For more information, please view the following board policies:


Kết quả xổ số miền nam thứ haiThe superintendent routinely updates the Board on information about district operations. These reports generally focus on academic updates, evaluation of programs, and department updates. Additionally, the superintendent, at his/her discretion, may invite an outside entity to make a presentation before the Board.


Kết quả xổ số miền nam thứ haiAs the board’s chief fiscal officer, the treasurer will make regular presentations to the Board related to the district’s finances, budgets, revenue, and expenditures.


Ohio Sunshine Law allows the board to move into executive session to discuss matters deemed private. These matters are established by Ohio Revised Code, and examples include, but are not limited to, hiring/firing of an employee, purchase and/or sale of real estate, conference with an attorney, and labor negotiations. The public can attend a board meeting when it enters the executive session and may re-join the meeting once the executive session has ended. At its discretion, the board may invite other individuals to join the executive session if their presence is deemed necessary. The Board will always open and close meetings in public session, and no formal action (i.e., vote) is taken by the Board while in executive session).

(Note: All Dayton Board of Education documents after June 1, 2015, will be available and archived on BoardDocs. Years 2008-May 2015 will continue to be available on this website.)